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The town most popular for its educational institutes with natural backdrop given to it, panchgani, situated in the satara district of Maharashtra state in india is the most idealistic location for picking and relaxing. Founded by british officer lord john chesson, this scenic spot served them as one of their summer retreat center. Its beauty was further added by the trees he planted here which in even today’s date contributes to the lavish greenery of panchgani. Mumbai, pune, mahabaleshwar, satara are the major hill stations and the town nearby to panchgani. The five hills that has surrounded the hill station has given the name of ‘panchgani’ to it which means as five hills. These hills are topped by volcanic plateau which ranks next after the tibetian plateau in asia.

The town has remained as one of those favorite scenic locations for shooting movies as well for which panchgani tourism should be appreciated for maintaining the beauty of hill station that includes its exotic sightseeing spots as well. Pune is the nearest airport to the hill station where as wathar is the near most railway station to it. The hill station is also an ideal spot for the recovery from various respiration related and other diseases especially from tuberculosis. The town also has a center for recovery of tuberculosis patients that get themselves healed here with the oxygen in its pure form.

The hill station experiences every season into its purest form. Keeping this in mind, panchgani hotels provide their visitors with the rooms that are centrally air conditioned and heated as well. Every single hotel here provides visitors with splendid views of panchgani from its wide and vast corridors, balconies and windows as well that straight away open to the scenic views around that can be enjoyed for 24 hours. Hotels in panchgani are equally situated in the hustling and bustling area of the town that always remains occupied with the locals and tourists during particular hours. these hotels also makes sure that your sightseeing facilities including vehicle on rent, are arranged and personally supervises over it so that you do not have to suffer for it.

The serving and management staff at the budget hotels in panchgani is so decent and sophisticated that they treat its visitors with complete generosity and humble attitude. The complete staff is available round the clock for its visitors and remains only a call away. Luxury hotels in panchgani makes sure that its visitors are simply stacked into the heaps of comfort and pleasure through the mediums of swimming pool, club house, daily supplied magazines and newspapers, etc. resorts in panchgani happens to be the cherry on cake where the visitor is all together provided with an heavenly joyride where he is 24*7 soaked to the legacies and self indulgence. The places to visit in panchgani are Sydney point giving picturesque views of dhom dam over the Krishna River, table land, parsi point, devil’s kitchen, mapro garden situated between the panchgani and mahabaleshwar route.

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